Proposal & Elopement in Paris

Hi, I am Margot!


I am 32 and I am a singer. I was born in the French countryside, 200 kilometers from Paris, and I fell in love with Paris when I was little, as I was often visiting with my parents. I have always known I would live there someday and indeed, I moved to Paris twelve years ago… and I am not ready to leave yet!

I have lived in the most beautiful parts of the city: near the Hôtel de Ville and the Seine river, then in Montmartre… and now in a much quieter neighborhood, which is also very nice!


I am a singer, but also an entrepreneur: I run a business specialized in musical entertainment, also based in Paris. With this band, I sing for corporate events, birthday parties, and of course, weddings! I am therefore an event expert, with everything that comes with it: logistics, organization, vendors, and all the small details which make everything perfect!


I love sharing big moments with people through music, that is why I launched Proposal & Elopement in Paris. I want to help you to have the most magical time in Paris!

What I like to do in Paris

 stroll around the city with my bike

  work with my computer in a small café

• have a yoga class in my favorite studio near the Arc de Triomphe

• have a picnic in the park of Les Buttes Chaumont

• go see and listen to my favorite bands

• walk by the Seine

walk in the Bois de Vincennes in the morning 

• have dinner with my friends in a new restaurant 

• have a Sunday brunch by the Canal de l’Ourcq

 eat an ice cream in the stairs of Montmartre

• find the best rooftops to watch the sunset

• having drinks in the Tuileries garden


(yes, my favorite hobbies mostly include Paris, friends, music, food and drinks... I am French!)