Music is very important when it comes to celebrate everything in life: it intensifies emotions, whether it is moving moments or more festive times. Adding music to your proposal, your elopement or your vow renewal is essential: it allows you to really take the time to be in the moment, to enjoy these last seconds before and after the big commitment.


You’ve always wanted to propose in the most beautiful city of the world? Or maybe to elope in the city of love? Or to renew your vows in the most romantic place? An intimate musical performance, just for you, will make this moment unforgettable. A special love song played right before you propose, you elope or you renew your vows, will build a magical bubble in order for you to fully enjoy this time. 


I am Margot, I live in Paris and I offer my services as a singer and as an event coordinator, in order to set up the perfect moment you always dreamt about for your proposal, your elopement or your vow renewal.

Let’s create something magical together!

Proposal & Elopement in Paris