Proposal in Paris

You are coming to Paris, and you are planning a surprise proposal in the City of Love? You want to ask ‘the’ big question to your partner in the most romantic city of the world and get engaged in this symbolic place? What a great idea! Paris is the ideal place to make one of the best memories of your life. All around the city, there are so many wonderful places, you only have to choose the one that will make your engagement an unforgettable experience.


In order to make your proposal the most magical time of your life, music is essential. Having a song played just before the proposal will allow you to really settle down before the big question, and help to create an enchanting atmosphere, a bubble just for the two of you! It will intensify everything that will come right after, instead of beginning your speech in the silence, which can be quite cold. You will enjoy this moment even more! Music is therefore the starting point of your proposal.

Let's imagine a beautiful proposal together!


If you decide to trust us, you will receive a 10-page document, which includes:


 a list of 10 songs you can choose from

 15 propositions of location in Paris, in expected and unexpected places

 for each location, the best hours for a peaceful and non-crowded area

 all the possible packages, so that you can choose the option that suits your

desires and your budget the best!


Packages (start at €240):

 singer only (1 or 2 songs)

 singer + photographer

 singer + filmmaker  

 singer + photographer + filmmaker