An emotional vow renewal in Paris

A few weeks ago, I was asked to perform for a beautiful ceremony in Paris. Isela & Luis came from Mexico for a Parisian trip, and wanted to take advantage of their stay to celebrate their 25th anniversary. What better idea than a vow renewal ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower?

They started their morning with a photoshoot with the talented Pamela from The Parisian Photographers, and then arrived on the bank of the Seine river for their ceremony. 


Isela & Luis had invited Silvana, from the Paris Celebrants, to officiate their vow renewal ceremony: it is very important to have a celebrant who will be able to lead the ceremony in a beautiful way! They also contacted me, because they wanted some music for their ceremony: indeed, it is the best way to enjoy the ceremony, and not have just the silence to start and end the ceremony. As a singer and a ukulele player, I bring some warmth and also some emotion to this important moment.

Isela & Luis had chosen two songs which had a special meaning to them: first of all, 'A Thousand Years' for the beginning of the ceremony. It was a very moving moment, our couple stood in front of each other and got emotional while listening to the song. At the end of the ceremony, after they renewed their vows, I came back to sing the second song they chose: 'You're still the one' by Shania Twain, which is the perfect song for a vow renewal. They had their second 'first dance' and it was a very beautiful moment!


Thank you so much Isela & Luis for having me!



Music: Proposal & Elopement in Paris

Photographer: The Parisian Photographers

Officiant: The Paris Celebrants

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