A very unique proposal in Montmartre: J & B


How is your summer? I hope you are having a wonderful time away from home, maybe in Paris? ;) I just came back from holidays and I enjoyed some time off in Provence and in the Alps, two of my favorite regions in France. There is so much to discover! Coming back to Paris, I received some great photos of an amazing proposal I was part of a few weeks ago. These photos are from Leo from Février Photography and they are really beautiful! 


I am so excited to share these with you today, because this proposal was really one of a kind! If you are looking for some original ideas for your proposal in Paris, you should definitively read this post ;)


B had contacted me a few months prior to the day, because he and J were coming to Europe for a month and he wanted to plan something really special for their trip in Paris: a surprise proposal in Montmartre! Between Melbourne (their hometown) and Paris, we planned everything together according to B's scenario... and here is what happened on D-day!


On that beautiful morning, J&B left their hotel for a nice walk in Montmartre. It was 9am, the streets were still empty, the birds were singing and it was sunny: Paris in the spring is so pretty! What J didn't know is that B had hired a photographer (Leo from Fevrier Photography) to follow them very discreetly, just like a paparazzi... And J didn't suspect a thing! 

In the meantime, I was setting up some props in another street of Montmartre, near the famous Maison Rose. This street is very pretty and the atmosphere there is always very poetic and romantic, especially when it is not crowded. 

B had asked me to install an easel (just like the painters of Montmartre!) and to print a poem he wrote for this special moment. This poem told the story of their relationship, from the day they met to the day of the proposal. It was beautifully written and not too obvious, so that J would guess that it was intended for them while reading and maybe be more and more intrigued towards the end. What a great idea!

Let's go back to the big day: J&B were walking around Montmartre but J didn't know that their itinerary was all planned, and they were followed by a photographer but J didn't know it either! They finally arrived in the street and seeing them from afar, I starting singing and playing the ukulele, just like any street musician...


Can you imagine?
'Oh, there is a singer in the street, that's funny! And what is this on the easel? Maybe we should make a quick stop to read it?'


When they arrived next to me, I started singing 'You're still the one' from Shania Twain, and still J had no idea. It was really crazy to be singing and playing the ukulele while they were reading. B was shaking with stress and excitement, and J was more and more intrigued, because she was understanding that something was up!


By the end of the poem, she was so surprised and shocked that she didn't comprehend when B turned to her...

And then this happened!

Of course, she said yes! What an incredible moment. These two were so cute!

After some tears, laughs and hugs, it was time for them to go to their engagement photoshoot with Leo, who was not a paparazzo anymore ;) I cannot help but show you a few of these photos below because they are so gorgeous, don't you think?

Congratulations J&B!



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